One of the luxuries for those of us working from home is that we get to wear whatever we like. The great privilege of choice during the coronavirus outbreak is making the decision to stay in pjs all day, or eliminate pants all together.  Just be careful of those surprise zoom video calls. 
Personally I like to change my clothes during the day, especially after my workouts but I’ve found that getting dressed for the day does something for my mindset even if it means throwing on a nice pair of jeans and graphic tee.  Our goal each day is to be productive unless ofcourse you have some time aside for rest. I think we can all agree that by the end of the day we want to know we accomplished our tasks or came close enough.

Here’s some simple tips to help keep you motivated as you work from home:

  1. Make your bed & brush your teeth
  2. Dress comfy but don’t slip into sluggish
  3. Choose bright colors to wear for the day
  4. Give yourself a “pajama day” pass
  5. Dress for the level of productivity you want to achieve that day.

Remember to Slay more than your outfit, Slay the day.

namaste Warriors
Sending you cyber-hugs & virtual-kisses


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  • An awesome short read and super helpful! Gotta try that! Xo


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