Grand Rising Warriors,
It's a different time for all of us, as we create a new world and new narrative to our stories. The only way out is within. Take this time to heal yourself, rid yourself of ways that don't serve you anymore. Focus within and love yourself a little louder during this time of world healing. There are many virtual communities including this one and we will continue to create platforms for healing. Protect your Peace at all costs.
Here's a few ways you can
1. Practice Gratitude
2. Speak Encouragement, Love & Positivity to one another
3. Make your space sacred.
4. Adorn your homes with music, laughter, plants, whatever makes you feel most loved.
5. Allow the solitude & isolation to bring you into a deeper awareness of Self

Repeat "I AM loved, I AM valuable, I AM safe"

namaste Warriors
Sending you cyber-hugs & virtual-kisses

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