Kawempe Home Care (KHC) is a private not-for- profit, community organization in Uganda. KHC is unique in its approach, providing the most disadvantaged people in the community with medical treatment but also psychological, emotional and social support. KHC is committed to preventing the further spread of TB and HIV in the community. 

New Hope for Children with Cancer
In Uganda it is estimated that 7,000 children are affected by cancer annually according to the medical registry in the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). Of these children 55% survive annually and yet in developed countries 80% of children are cured. This calls for a combined effort towards reducing the impact of cancer in children in Uganda.
Many of the families from rural areas who are poor and disadvantaged find it difficult to start the treatment for their children with cancer due to the high cost involved, for treatment, travel, food and shortage of beds at the hospital leading patients to sleep on verandas or in tents.


New Hope Children’s Hostel

KHC opened the New Hope Children’s hostel in 2016, to provide those children who are diagnosed with cancer access to specialist care and a secure and safe home environment whilst they undergo their treatment at UCI at Mulago National Referral Hospital Kampala.
The New Hope Children’s hostel can accommodate 30 children and their caregivers at  any given time. They are provided with accommodation, meals, counselling, nursing care, legal aid, educational play sessions and daily transport to and from UCI so that the children can access their treatment.
New Hope Children’s hostel goal is to increase access for children with cancer to specialist oncology and palliative care services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Our Objectives are to:
 provide the children with a secure and safe home environment
provide the children and their families with psycho-social support during treatment.
provide childhood palliative care services.
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